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Looking for a property either to buy or to let can be a time consuming and frustrating activity. Estate Agents can very assertive telling you that it is a buyer’s market when you are trying to sell and vice-versa. They are driven by a commission and, in these challenging times, turning a “quick buck” is tempting. Unless you have a perfect knowledge of the area and the market, it is difficult to know the truth.

At Elmbridge Properties we are independent and unbiased. You are our client and we work exclusively for you. Whether you are looking for somewhere to live in Surrey, or searching for a Buy-to-Let in London,  we analyse the market objectively, looking at all the quantitative data available, compare sales, market trends, rental yield, etc.

We will not tell you that the market is going up when the figures tell us the opposite. More importantly we work on a flat fee structure so, unlike many agents, we are not incentivised by sales. Your satisfaction is our main driver.

We fully understand that every client is unique. Some like to move quickly, some like to take their time. We build a quotation/ package based on your exact requirement/ timeframe. For instance, if do not live locally but are looking for a home in Kingston, we can work on a shortlist of properties in that area for you to view over one or two days. If you have tight timescales, we will work to your timescales.

Our services are fully flexible. We can conduct a property search over short or longer term periods. In some cases you may already have one or two properties in mind but would like some independent advice.
Simply contact us and let us help you find what you’re looking for.

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