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Welcome to Elmbridge Properties, Surrey’s Specialist Property Search and Relocation Company:

Elmbridge Properties is a Property Consultancy specialising in Property Search, Relocation and Property Management in Surrey and surrounding areas of West London. Our clients, corporate or private, are either looking to relocate to the area or already own a property there that they want to be professionally managed. We also conduct buy-to-let searches in carefully selected areas.

Why choose Elmbridge Properties?:


There are many reasons that we hope will help you decide:
– Independent and unbiased…we are not linked to any organisation, company or individuals. We have one incentive: customer satisfaction.
– Competitive rates by cutting out middlemen and overheads, and being an internet based business, we are able to offer you the best rates in Surrey.
– Personal service, professionally delivered we understand that every customer has unique wants and needs. Our international background and experience, as well as attention to detail, allow us to understand your specific needs should you envisage to relocate to Surrey, or looking to buy a property as an investment.
– Less stress, more timerelocating to a new place or managing a property you do not live in can be stressful. Having been in similar situations, we understand your needs and always provide a timely response.
– Hands-on approachwe do not sit in an office looking at properties. You pay us to do what you cannot do yourself. We spend time on site viewing properties in Surrey, appraising their potential, talking to agents, builders, tradesmen and getting market intelligence the old way. We cover the whole of Surrey and South West London. Recent engagements were in Esher, Cobham, Walton upon Thames, Weybridge, Guilford, Richmond, Wimbledon to name a few.

Simply contact us and let us help you find what you are looking for.

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